Kids Rooms

At ADK Creative Builds Pty Ltd we are prepared to provide you with custom built kid’s rooms in Melbourne. Creating  a room according to their own requirements and taste will look great and the kids will be impressed. Our team consists of skilled craftsmen who know how important  it is for the parents as well as the child, hence we make sure that everything is perfect when our work is finished.

A kid’s room is where the child studies, sleeps and spends most of their time,  the room has to be exactly according to their liking, everything starting from the color, the furniture, the soft toys and even the color of their bed sheet should be according to their choice.

Our team of builders have the experience of working with various clients therefore you can trust them to be creative enough to provide your child with a room that he or she will absolutely love. We are professionals so we will make sure that the room is designed according to your taste.

Complete customer satisfaction is our aim, we strive to make sure that the services provided are appropriate and live up to the expectations of the clients. You can give us a call if you are interested in knowing more about our unique custom built kids rooms.