5 Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Have you decided to start renovating the interior of your home? Do you know what you are doing? You are probably excited at the prospect of forging ahead and creating the home you’ve dreamed of for years, which is great. However, you don’t want to turn a daunting task, like renovations, into a ghastly project splattered with overlooked details and wrong decisions. Start with the right foot forward before you end up looking back with regret.

Here are several tips to help you avoid common mistakes homeowners make when undertaking renovations by themselves.

Following Trends

This depends entirely on what your personal style is. Following trends means that the style you inject into your home can die an early death, and the last thing you want is the corpse of a bygone trend blanketing your walls and floors. Be true to yourself and stick with what you like. For example: Do you like the industrial look? Will you like it two or five years from now? If so, then add accessories and small character-filled pieces to the equation. Will that industrial theme work well with other décor ideas, and can it be seamlessly integrated into another style? The juxtaposition of industrial and classic can work. It’s all in the small details.

Cutting Costs

It stands to reason that you want to save money, but if you’ve decided to renovate your home then you need to know that cutting material costs will cost you far more in the future. Invest in quality materials but first do your homework. If you are moving walls and restructuring features such as a fireplace, you need to ensure that the right materials are used. If you’re uncertain then speak to the professionals. Particularly when it comes to moving walls, you need the assistance of an expert who can advise you on the difference between cheap and inexpensive.

Get the Right Crew

If you’re going to go with the specialists to redo your ceilings, walls and floors, ensure you do your research first. Look at reviews and testimonials and the company’s website gallery. Ask around and find out if anyone has used the company you are looking to hire. Going for the company that offers you the cheapest quote could be asking for trouble. You want good quotes from specialists who offer nothing less than quality workmanship. This is your home that you’re investing in, so try to keep that in mind when selecting a renovation team.

Financial Plan

Budgeting for a renovation needs to be exercised correctly, so ensure you’ve done all your calculations properly. A common challenge amongst homeowners who are renovating is that they tend to overspend on budget, or try to stick to it so fervently that they cut costs on materials (as addressed above). If you know what you would like to do with your home, remember to factor in how much you are spending and if you will get that money back if you decide to sell your home. Aside from making your home comfortable for yourself, you are also boosting the value of your property and looking at a long-term return on investment. Be brutally honest about what needs to be done and what is overspend and underspend.

Insufficient preparation

Know what you want, before you get it. Walking into a renovation project with an uncertainty is asking for trouble, money wastage and unhappiness with the end results. Look for inspiration for your décor, interior design and colour palettes. Look for the right renovation team and find out if they are reputable. Find out the cost of materials and how long the job will take. Without control over the preparation of these simple tasks, you could be looking at a very expensive venture that could leave you with serious regrets.

Renovating your home is meant to be exciting. Choosing materials, discussing décor and restructuring your home, is something many people aspire to do. Do it right the first time, and have fun.

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ADK recently completed insulation and ceiling works on our entire home. From quote to finish we were really pleased with the professionalism and communication from Anton and the team. They kept us up to date as the work progressed and the end result is wonderful. We'd highly recommend this business to anyone looking for quality work and stress-free home renovations!
Chris and Andrea-Belgrave VIC,
In regards to the job carried out, I would like to mention that I'm very happy with the work carried out on my property.  Etienne carried out all the work in a very professional manner and with due courtesy and everything was finished on time.  I am very happy with how everything was handled in terms of communications as well.  It was a pleasure to deal with Etienne and yourself.  I...
Pratik, Morley
The vermiculite ceiling in our lounge, dining and studio has disappeared behind a gorgeous new ceiling, expertly fitted by ADK. From the initial quote through to the final clean-up, this energetic team of professionals provided prompt, efficient and friendly services. Every effort was made to accommodate our needs and we couldn't be more impressed with ADK's creative solutions and...
Libby and Mike, Duncraig
We had a very high ceiling with exposed beams which had become dated and needed work. Anton was very prompt and reasonable with his quote and very helpful overall. We are very happy with the work of Anton and his team and with the finished product. We are more than happy to recommend ADK for any home renovations.
Jill, Morley