Reasons to invest in shopfitting

Turn your brand on when you invest in shopfitting

Gone are the days of throwing a few shelves together, packing them with products, placing a cash register on the counter and then opening for business. Shopping has become much more than just…shopping…, it’s about the user experience and how consumers see your brand and interact with the products in your store. It’s about showcasing your retail store as more than just a bricks and mortar structure; you need to showcase your brand.
How do you make people relate to your brand and interact with your products? There are many answers, but the one that applies here is shopfitting. This simple answer gives your business a competitive edge, and draws consumers in. If you take the time to focus on the psychological side of making your store a drawcard, you will see the need to pay closer attention to the aesthetics and layout of your premises.
Here are a few good reasons to invest in shopfitting:

Attract customers

Anything that looks nice will attract people. The days when people used to blindly walk into a store, are long gone. If your store looks good from the street, people naturally want to peek inside. The important thing to remember is that once you’ve got them inside, you want to keep them there. This is why it’s essential to work on the visual appeal of your product displays.

Interior design that meets your product offering

Running out and buying a few cool lights and some new shelves is not going to boost your store’s appeal. It’s all about how you lay them out and present your products. When dressing your store in a new interior outfit, you need to consider your actual service and product offerings. How can you capitalise on the interior design of the store?
Some designers work on the psychological principle of insights, and they pay attention to patterns, product arrangements and strategic angles, all of which come together to produce a visually appealing drawcard. Once consumers are inside your store, they then look at your brand.

Build brand awareness

Use your corporate colours and educate employees on how to speak your corporate language, because that’s where the buck stops. While every marketing guru will tell you to work on brand awareness in terms of online freebies and ATL advertising with billboards strewn across Times Square, it’s more than pretty pictures in magazines and online ads. You can do all of that, but adverts are just a cloak for the skeleton of your company, which is where the heart of your brand lies.
Your store is the last stop after advertising so it’s best to ensure your interior and staff complement your brand. A poor in-store experience will tarnish your image, making all that advertising a waste of money, so make it functional, stylish and user-friendly.

Functional design

Depending on the services or products you offer, you need to present a functional experience for your customers. They need to easily navigate your store and interact with products, which leads to more purchases. When consumers have to fight their way through a shop, more than half will leave without looking back, never mind purchasing anything.
Avoid overcrowding shelves, and definitely stay away from cluttered hanging space. Sleek partition walls and hanging shelves create clean, neat spaces that allow consumers to easily admire and interact with what they like. Great shopfitting will do wonders for your brand and draw customers into your shop. This simple investment just makes good business sense.

If you decide to invest in the future of your brand contact ADK Renovations, for superior shopfitting.

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Chris and Andrea-Belgrave VIC,
In regards to the job carried out, I would like to mention that I'm very happy with the work carried out on my property.  Etienne carried out all the work in a very professional manner and with due courtesy and everything was finished on time.  I am very happy with how everything was handled in terms of communications as well.  It was a pleasure to deal with Etienne and yourself.  I...
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We had a very high ceiling with exposed beams which had become dated and needed work. Anton was very prompt and reasonable with his quote and very helpful overall. We are very happy with the work of Anton and his team and with the finished product. We are more than happy to recommend ADK for any home renovations.
Jill, Morley